OriginalSkiPosters.com is proud to be the online portal of the Robert Walker Johnston Ski Poster Archive. Discovered in original mailing tubes in a Scottish attic in 2003, the Archive (which is now based in London, England) is believed to be the largest surviving repository of original Ski Posters remaining in private hands.

The Ski Poster Archive was originally built by Robert Walker Johnston, an RAF navigator stationed in post-war Europe. It was during this time that he began the collection, which includes Ski Posters from the Twenties through to the Seventies. The Archive passed to his son in 2003. OriginalSkiPosters.com was conceived thereafter as an online portal to open up the Archive to a worldwide public, first going online in 2005.

OriginalSkiPosters.com sells both original ski posters from the Archive as well as high-quality bespoke prints taken from those originals (though please note that, due to copyright reasons, not every original poster is available as a print). OriginalSkiPosters.com also curates ad hoc poster exhibitions, lends to suitable institutions and rents posters for commercial display and film purposes.

To choose a poster, simply browse our image library: there are clearly set-out options to purchase originals, prints or combinations thereof.

Since 2003 we have spent countless hours painstakingly cataloguing and conserving the Archive, a process which continues to this day. We are also in the process of photographing each individual poster to a reference quality digital standard. For these reasons the Archive is not yet all online. Thus please feel free to ask if you are looking for something particularly special that you don’t see; we will usually get back to you the same day. Due to this conservation process it is typically only possible to release further posters from the Archive once or twice a year.