The criteria under which posters, especially very old pieces, are evaluated, is different from that of printed graphic art. For this reason, the quality of a poster can still be classified as “very good”, although slight creases, stains or tears may exist on the exterior. Unless otherwise described, the conditions of the posters are all very good or good. The ratings applied here describe the condition of a poster in either extant un-restored condition or after professional restoration; if the poster has undergone restoration that is detailed in the description.


The following ratings have been applied:

(A) Designates a poster in very good condition. The colours are fresh; no paper loss. There may be some slight blemish or tears. (A-) indicates there may be some slight dirt, fold, tears or bubble or other minor restoration, but most unobtrusive. A poster that was folded but is otherwise flawless is rated as an (A-).

(B) or (B+) designates a poster in good condition. There may be some very slight paper loss. The paper may have yellowed (light-stained).

(B-) Designates a poster in fairly good condition, possibly with heavier than normal light-staining or noticeable repairs (even in the design area).

(C) Designates a poster in fair condition. The light-staining may be more pronounced; restoration, folds, or flaking are clearly visible.

(D) Designates a poster in bad condition. A good part of such poster may be missing. Colours have faded.


The size is indicated in inches and centimetres, height preceding width.